Zinfandelic is a collection of Zinfandel wines

Zinfandel has prospered in California for over 150 years. Zinfandel vines are hearty and thrive in warm, mild climates, as the grapes will shrivel in hot weather. While the vines are vigorous, the Zinfandel grapes themselves require great care. The thin-skinned grapes grow in large, tight clusters that are prone to bunch rot. Zinfandel grapes ripen earlier in the season and are known for their uneven ripening – a single cluster may contain a range of ripened grapes, from the green to the perfectly ripened to the raisin-like grapes. These factors, combined with high sugar and alcohol levels, require a soft winemaking touch, with great care placed in the harvest and winemaking process. The final result is a Zinfandel wine that finds the right balance between tannins, alcohol level, varietal characteristics and terroir.

Zindandel grapes